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Project Almanac: An ordinary journey in a Time Machine

'Project Almanac', the science fiction movie directed by Dean Israelite hit the screens on January 30, 2015. The movie which portrays the story in the backdrop of a time machine is quite different when compared to other films which showcases the same theme. Dean Israelite along with his crew members have succeeded in crafting a film with technical finesse, but they failed to engage the audience with powerful narration. The movie has recieved mixed reactions from all corners, and as of now, the IMDB rating is 6.6/10/.

The film is being panned by critics upon its release. “Project Almanac isn't without wit or originality, but its thin story and irritating found-footage camerawork ultimately make it difficult to recommend” reviewed consensus.

The movie showcases the story of some teenagers who build a time machine. But at some point of time, things go out of their control, and slowly, they started running for their lives.

The movie's basic plot may seem interesting for people who have not seen any other science fiction movies in the past. The characters are cliched, but the concept of time machine has been dealt with finesse.

All the actors have done their roles in a perfect manner in this movie. The lead cast which comprises of attractive names like Jonny Weston, Sofia Black, Sam Lerner and Virginia Gardner have all performed well, but their skills went unnoticed due to bad script and shoddy direction.

Watch 'Project Almanac' if you want to see a mindless science fiction film”.