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The Boy Next Door is pathetic

Are you the one who have immense free time in life? Even if it is an Yes, you should again think twice before booking the tickets for 'The Boy Next Door' directed by Rob Cohen. The film which stars Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman in the lead role was touted to be an erotic thriller, but when it came out as a movie on January 23, 2015, it literally failed to live up to the expectations. The film is receiving negative reviews from all the corners and after the weekend mash up, the movie has collected $15.6 million from the theaters. Now, let us analyze the movie in detail.

The movie showcases the story of a divorced woman who who falls for a younger man. Soon intense relation develops in between them, which is followed by a series of mild sexual encounters. But at one point of time, their sleazy relation takes a new turn, and it creates huge negative impacts in their lives.

The movie has some hot sequences which are capable to increase the testosterone rush in anybody's body. Jennifer Lopez looked hot and gorgeous, and she literally tried to carry the movie in her own shoulders. But it was actually the script and direction of the film which derailed all the efforts. The director was completely clueless while narrating the story, and he failed to glue the audience throughout the running time.

'The Boy Next Door' is not an extra ordinary movie nor an ordinary one, but it is such a pathetic film crafted by Rob Cohen which is capable to test your patience level.