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Strange Magic is just a below average flick

Movies are meant for providing sheer entertainment and fun for the audience. But 'Strange Magic' directed by Gary Rydstrom literally failed to fulfill its expectations, and it ended up as an average fare with no surprises in the backdrop. The movie which hit the screens on January 23rd 2015 is getting mixed to negative reviews from all corners. This 99 minute animation film has an IMDB  rating of 5.5/10 and this clearly symbolizes its below average nature. The Rotten Tomatoes score is also pathetic, as it is only 11% as of now. Now, let us analyze more about this movie.

'Strange Magic' portrays the Bon King, the leader of Dark Forest. He hates the notion of love, and has given orders to destroy all the primroses. Things take a new turn when he meets Marianne, a charming princess. In the meantime, an elf named Sunny is also there in the Dark Forest to collect primrose petals.

The movie has a basic plot which is quite suitable for a fantasy filled animation movie. But the director literally spoiled this golden chance to craft a visually spectacular film. The screenplay of the movie written by David Berenbaum, Irene Mecchi and Gary Rydstrom was poor in all aspects. It was not at all engaging, and it spoiled the finesse of George Lucas' story. The music composed by Marius de Vries was extra ordinary, and this is only one factor which stands tall in this film. “Watch Strange Magic only if you have immense free time in this weekend”.