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Mortdecai failed to impress the audience

The only factor which compelled me to book the tickets for ‘Mortdecai’ was the presence of Johnny Depp in the star cast. Being an ardent fan of the actor, I couldn’t resist the temptation, and without any hesitation, I booked the tickets in the first weekend after the movie’s release. But sadly, this decision turned out to be one of the most derailed things which I have ever done in my life. This film directed by David Koepp disappointed me badly, and it failed to create any impact in my mind. The movie currently has an IMDB rating of 5.3/10, and this clearly indicates the low class nature of this movie.

Mortdecai’ showcases the story of a charming British aristocrat and part-time shady art dealer Charlie Mortdecai. To meet the expenses of his luxurious lifestyle, he agrees to help a Mi5 officer to find a stolen painting. The journey of Charlie Mortdecai to find the painting forms the remaining part of the movie.

The film is badly crafted by the director, and there is not even a single scene which is shot with finesse. Johnny Depp tried his best to carry the movie in his shoulder, but with a weak screenplay in the backdrop, he had nothing to do. Gwyneth Paltrow and Ewan McGregor also performed in a good manner, but all their efforts went in vain due to shoddy direction and non engaging dialogues.

Altogether, ‘Mortdecai’ is a movie which may impress people who haven’t seen any comedy films in the past.