DMCA provides various entertainment facilities by connecting to various other websites hence linking the surfers to the videos uploaded on the other sites. We do not present any kind of material on our site but still keep an eye on the originality of the content along with resolving any kind of issues related to the content owner. The content owner could easily manage the publication of their material online by utilizing our link removal strategy.

Our website is only connecting to the link provided by various websites hence could not be held responsible for violating any copyright rules. The hosting websites who have uploaded the content subjects to any kind of issues related to copyrights. If any video which is violating the rules is found on our website then we would immediately remove the link from our website on the owner’s request, but this act would only remove the link from our website and would not be applicable for the removal of the link from the website which has actually uploaded the video. You would have to deal directly to the third party website in order to remove the video permanently from the internet.

We are always willing to help you solve any issues related to copyright. We would immediately take an action for removing the link on your request along with your complete contact detail.

Contact us for placing your request for resolving such issues and we would take action within 48 hours of receiving the request.